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Arrays are ordered arrangement of objects, which may be a one-dimensional array containing a collection of rows or a multi-dimensional array containing multiple rows and columns. In Lua, arrays are implemented using indexing tables with integers. The size of an array is not fixed and it can grow based on our requirements, subject to memory constraints local x = setmetatable({},{ __index = function(t1,k1) t1[k1] = setmetatable({},{ __index = function(t2,k2) t2[k2] = 0 return t2[k2] end }) return t1[k1] end } 11.2 - Matrices and Multi-Dimensional Arrays. There are two main ways to represent matrices in Lua. The first one is to use an array of arrays, that is, a table wherein each element is another table. For instance, you can create a matrix of zeros with dimensions N by M with the following code: mt = {} -- create the matrix for i=1,N do mt[i] = {} -- create a new row for j=1,M do mt[i][j] = 0. 19.2 - Insert and Remove. The table library provides functions to insert and to remove elements from arbitrary positions of a list. The table.insert function inserts an element in a given position of an array, moving up other elements to open space. Moreover, insert increments the size of the array (using setn).For instance, if a is the array {10, 20, 30}, after the call table.insert(a, 1.

- for Lua tables optimised determinant calculation (fast) but not invoking any checks for special types of matrices - vectors can be set up via vec1 = matrix{{ 1,2,3 }}^'T' or matrix{1,2,3 Aber ich komme mit den 1-basierten Arrays von Lua gut ipairs, vor allem mit Lua's generischer for Schleife und dem ipairs Operator - ich kann mir normalerweise keine Sorgen darüber machen, wie Arrays indexiert werden. Mein Verständnis ist, dass es so ist, nur weil die Autoren dachten, es wäre ein guter Weg, dies zu tun, und nachdem sie die Sprache der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung gestellt.

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  1. Lua nested arrays. 11.2 - Matrices and Multi-Dimensional Arrays, 11.2 - Matrices and Multi-Dimensional Arrays. There are two main ways to represent matrices in Lua. The first one is to use an array of arrays, that is, a table Because Lua defines arrays in a table based on contiguous elements. Remember: you can access any element of any table; they are all conceptually filled with nil until.
  2. On Friday, July 22, 2011 02:38:14 AM Dirk Laurie wrote: > On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 03:16:25AM +0200, Michelle Jenkins wrote: > > I was told I should use multidimensional arrays as well as > > tables. I don't know how to use either. Michelle, Everything Dirk writes below is true, and I think it's vital to add one thing. A table is an official Lua data type. An array is a computer science concept.
  3. Lua uses tables to represent packages as well. When we write io.read , we mean the read entry from the io package. For Lua, that means index the table io using the string read as the key. Tables in Lua are neither values nor variables; they are objects
  4. X = array(M, N, P). -spec array(pos_integer(), pos_integer(), pos_integer()) -> [[[float()]]]. array(M, N, P) -> [array(M, N) || _ <- lists:seq(1, P)]
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Arrays in Lua are structured arrangement of objects. This can be a one dimensional array consisting of a collection of rows or a multi-dimensional array consisting of multiple rows and columns. In Lua, arrays are implemented by using indexing tables with integers 11.1 - Arrays. We implement arrays in Lua simply by indexing tables with integers. Therefore, arrays do not have a fixed size, but grow as we need. Usually, when we initialize the array we define its size indirectly. For instance, after the following code a = {} -- new array for i=1, 1000 do a[i] = 0 end any attempt to access a field outside the range 1-1000 will return nil, instead of zero.

eep - lua array . Rückgabe mehrerer Werte aus Funktionen in lua (2) Ich experimentiere mit folgendem lua Code: function test return 1, 2 end function test2 return test end function test3 return test (), 3 end. Multi-dimensional array You are encouraged to solve this task according to the task description, using any language you may know. For the purposes of this task, the actual memory layout or access method of this data structure is not mandated. It is enough to: State the number and extent of each index to the array. Provide specific, ordered, integer indices for all dimensions of the array. Is there a Lua Language call that can be used to find the number of items in an array? For example, if I have an array called ArrayStuff and the contents are {apple, banana, carrot, desert}, I want to be able to do something like: EndingNumber = NumberOfItemsInArray(ArrayStuff) for x=1,NumberOfIt.. Lua uses associative arrays and which can be indexed with not only numbers but also with strings except nil. Tables have no fixed size and can grow based on our need. Lua uses tables in all representations including representation of packages. When we access a method string.format, it means, we are accessing the format function available in the string package. Representation and Usage. Tables. 1 Lua 2 Tutorial The above example uses the default ipairs iterator function provided by Lua. In Lua we use functions to represent iterators. Based on the state maintenance in these iterator functions, we have two main types − Stateless Iterators; Stateful Iterators; Stateless Iterators. By the name itself we can understand that this type of iterator function does not retain any state. Let.

Often people new to Lua will create an array to store a group of objects even if the order isn't necessary. The problem with this is that removal is slow because the computer needs to shift down other items. Checking if an item is in the array is slow; again because the computer must loop over all the items. This can be solved by storing items in the keys and setting values to a dummy value. From: [hidden email] [[hidden email]] On Behalf Of John Calsbeek Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 4:00 PM To: Lua list Subject: Re: Passing arrays from C++ to LUA > After creating the table with lua_newtable, for each item in the array you'd need to push it with lua_pushinteger > and add it to the table with lua_rawseti(L, -2, idx). Thanks for your answer. I tried it without success. Perhaps you. But strictly speaking, there's no such thing as an array in Lua. There are just tables, some of which are array-like, some of which are hash-like (or dictionary-like, if you prefer), and some of which are mixed. An important point about our pets array is that is has no gaps. The first item, pets[1], is the string dogs, the second item, pets[2], is the string cats, and the last item, pets[3. initialize array lua Code Answer's. where do lua tables start . lua by Orion - The Lua Man on Apr 17 2020 Donate . 5. making an array lua . lua by Thoughtful Teira on May 17 2020 Donate . 3 Lua answers related to initialize array lua how to lua; how to print in lua.

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Der einzige Nachteil von Lua for Windows ist, dass zum aktuellen Stand noch keine Binaries von Lua 5.2 enthalten sind, stattdessen werden die Binaries von Lua 5.1.4 mitgeliefert. Dies wird allerdings im Verlauf dieses Tutorials keinen Unterschied machen. Alternativ können natürlich auch die aktuellen Binaries bei SourceForge heruntergeladen werden. Diese lassen sich in der Regel auch. This definition indeed passes a two-dimensional array, but it does so using concrete values (a 'literal'). Each use of \myarray is then completely unrelated from the other uses of\myarray, so not a single change will be permanent. If you want to pass a reusable two-dimensional array, you have to use a lua variable (code below)

Multidimensional Arrays. Hello Everybody, I am very new to programming. Currently I am using Corona SDK which uses the Lua language. I am trying my hand at my first game and have ran into.. i'm starting lua scripting , seem stuck @ simple problem. i'm trying implement floyd-warschall algorithm compute shortest paths betwe.. This tutorial show how to create an array and uses it in a for loop. The language is Lua used on Visual RPG Studio. It can be download at http://LastEnd.co

A small library with useful methods to handle Lua's table when it's working like an Array - EvandroLG/array.lua Arrays bzw. Tables. Ein Array bzw. in der LUA Sprache eine Table ist eine Variablen die mehrere Werte unabhängig voneinander speichern kann. Dafür wird innerhalb der Table ein sogenannter Index erstellt welcher den Zugriff auf die Einzelwerte ermöglicht. Ein Array wird durch {}-Klammern definiert. arrayVariable = {77, 30, 45} In diesem Array sind also die Werte 77, 30 und 45 gespeichert.

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Die Skriptsprache Lua Tabellen, Arrays, Listen Tabellen ist der Mechanismus zur Darstellung von Daten (Arrays, Mengen, Datensätze, -strukturen etc.) Tabellen werden durch assoziative Arrays dargestellt Assoziative Arrays werden durch Zahlen, Strings u.ä. indiziert Tabellen sind interne Lua-Objekte; Variablen verwalten nur Referenzen auf diese Objekte Existiert keine gültige Referenz mehr. LuaGraphics - 2D/3D Lua-codable graphics frameworks. OpenGraphicsLibrary - OpenGL/3D SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) SDL1.2 and SDL2.0: (5.2) - It is a simple Lua bindings to the graphics scene provides a surface for managing a large number of 2D graphical items. LuaModuleLuaSdl (4.0, 5.0) - bindings of SDL to Lua 4.0; patches for 5.0. See also . (5.1) - a tolua++ binding for SDL, SDL_image. Whenever is possible, GLboolean is mapped to boolean in Lua. Color and Vector Data. The color and the vector data can be represented by a lua array. A vector can have 2, 3 or 4 values (x, y, z, w), and colors can have 3 or 4 values (red, green, blue, alpha). For example Part 2. Getting arrays and calling Lua functions from C++; Part 2.5. Template getArray function and other modifications; Part 3. Calling C++ functions and creating C++ objects; So, why use LUA? I've seen game devs using different data formats. Some of them use JSON, some use XML, some use plain .txt files etc.. As for me, I use Lua for data, because: It is easy to use without any additional.

Arrays or lists in Lua — is just a special case of Lua table. This is similar to PHP arrays. Lua array is a table which has serial integer keys lua loop through array Code Answer's. lua for each in table . lua by Orion - The Lua Man on Mar 17 2020 Donate . 3. lua in pairs . lua by Dangerous Dog on Dec 30 2019 Donate . 4 lua for loop . lua by Orion - The Lua Man on Apr 17 2020. Arrays und Zeiger 7-3 Arrays (2) •Arrays bestehen aus einer Menge von gleichartigen Variablen, die uber eine Zahl (den Index) unter-schieden werden. Man kann aber auch das ganze Array als eine Variable auffassen. •Deutsch sagt man auch Feld oder Vektor. Mehrdimensionale Arrays w¨aren entsprechend Matrizen. •Z.B. kann man mit int a[5]; ein Array bestehend aus Speicherpl.

ArrayForLua. Array.lua contains a collection of Array methods for working with tables and arrays in Lua. Roblox Developers: Click on Array.lua; Click the Raw button; Press Ctrl+A to Select All then Ctrl+C to Copy the code; Open Roblox Studi Ich frage mich, wie bekomme ich eine Zeile in ein Array mit Lua in einer Art von Funktion. z. FileToArray (C: /Datei.txt)? Ich weiß, dass ich verwenden kann: var = io.open (Datei) Data = var: read() Aber es gibt nur die erste Zeile, und keine andere Linien. Wer weiß, wie man dies oder eine andere Art und Weise beheben kann? Ich bin neu in Lua und dem Dateisystem-Zeug. file io lua 11k.

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themousery's 2D vector library. This library was made by me because I wasn't happy with other vector libraries for Lua. Functions largely based on the PVector class from Processing, and the code syntax was helped by reference to HUMP's Vector class.. If you encounter any issues or bugs, raise an issue on Github or even make a pull request if you're a real trooper String 1 is Lua String 2 is Tutorial String 3 is Lua Tutorial Escape sequence characters are used in string to change the normal interpretation of characters. For example, to print double inverted commas (), we have used \ in the above example Lua 5.4 language support for Godot Engine 3.2.x-stable (4.0-dev too unstable to work with for now) WIP (heavily updated so you can expect constants changes - no commitment with feature freezing at this moment) Current progress: I decided to use the Antlr4 library to do the parsing of Lua code. I am in the process of integrating it with the LuaScript module. With this in place it will be. LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It's free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. Download LÖVE 11.3. Windows Vista+ 64-bit installer 64-bit zipped 32-bit installer 32-bit zipped. macOS 10.7+ 64-bit zipped. Linux Ubuntu PPA AppImage x86_64 / i686. Other downloads Play Store Android APK iOS source / libraries Older versions. I was excited to learn Lua so I could make games with the Love 2D game engine. That's the why. I started with BlackBulletIV's Lua for programmers. Next I read the official Programming in Lua book. That's the how. It might be helpful to check out the Lua short reference on lua-users.org. The main topics not covered are standard libraries

Gibt es eine konventionellere Methode, um ein Array in eine Matrix umzuwandeln? Lua? Gibt es ein Luarock-Paket, mit dem Benutzer häufig ein Array in eine Matrix konvertieren? 0. hinzugefügt 31 Januar 2016 in der 06:52 der Autor minerals bearbeitet 31 Januar 2016 in der 07:30. Ansichten: 1. Quelle . ro ru fr es pt hi bn ar. Ich hätte lieber geantwortet und erklärt, was load macht. Recently, I was using Lua [1] in one of my projects. I got stuck in a trivial problem. The project which was written in Lua, was generating a massive amount of data. My aim was to save this data in files in approximately real-time. Fortunately, I was able to decompose the data into 1-dimensional arrays (table) Lua (/ ˈ l uː ə / LOO-ə; from Portuguese: lua meaning moon) is a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed primarily for embedded use in applications. Lua is cross-platform, since the interpreter of compiled bytecode is written in ANSI C, and Lua has a relatively simple C API to embed it into applications.. Lua was originally designed in 1993 as a language for.

If you need to perform many concatenation operations, using the concatenation operator can be slow because Lua has to keep reallocating memory to create new strings. message = for i = 1, 100000 do message = message. i end. As a result, it can be much faster to use table.concat. numbers = {} for i = 1, 100000 do numbers[i] = i end message = table.concat(numbers) Here's a benchmark. 2. Portabilit at : Lua soll auf jeglicher Art von Hard- und Software ohne Anpassung des Codes lau ahig sein. Dies gilt sowohl f ur Lua-Programme, als auch f ur den Lua-Interpreter. 3. Einbindbarkeit: Ein groˇes Ziel von Lua ist es, m oglichst einfach in andere Pro-gramme integrierbar zu sein. Daf ur muss die API (application programming inter-face) klar de niert sein und eine e ziente. Subject: Passing arrays from C++ to LUA; From: <Andreas.Volz@...> Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 15:15:49 +0200; Hello, I like to pass some C++ arrays to LUA. The other way from LUA to C++ is already done. I show you in pseudo language what I need: LUA: > a = getArray () C++: fill a array with many numbers and return it in the getArray() function LUA: > print (a[1]) 4 > print (a[2]) 5 > print (a[3]) 6. array2d.lua--- Operations on two-dimensional arrays. -- See The Guide-- -- Dependencies: pl.utils, pl.tablex, pl.types-- @module pl.array2d local type, tonumber. 2-D arrays or two-dimensional arrays; and so on In this tutorial, we will learn more about the 2D array. A 1-D array, as we saw in the previous tutorial, is a linear list of data. The two-dimensional arrays are also known as matrix. Similar to a one-dimensional array, in a two-dimensional array, we have the same name for all the elements present in the matrix. The difference that we have.

Lua - Loops - There may be a situation when you need to execute a block of code several number of times. In general, statements are executed sequentially: the first statemen Frage zu Arrays in Lua; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You #array==2 und table.maxn(array)==3 . Okay, nehmen wir an, dass array so erstellt wird: array={a,[b]=7,c} dann gilt folgendes: array[1] == a array[2] == c array.b == array[b] == 7 #array == 2 table.maxn(array) == 2 table.maxn gibt den höchsten numerischen Index. Lua (portugiesisch für Mond) ist eine imperative und erweiterbare Skriptsprache zum Einbinden in Programme, um diese leichter weiterentwickeln und warten zu können.Eine der besonderen Eigenschaften von Lua ist die geringe Größe des kompilierten Skript-Interpreters.. Lua-Programme sind meist plattformunabhängig und werden vor der Ausführung in Bytecode übersetzt Tables are the only data-structuring type in Lua. They are associative array objects that are used to represent lists, arrays, sequences, symbol tables, sets, records, graphs, trees etc. Tables are always anonymous and variables you assign a table to do not contain the table itself, but a reference to it. When initializing a table as a sequence, the first index is 1, not 0. -- Initialize a.

Lua Syntax Not Supported (Yet) Long form strings and comments will choke on internal ]]'s even when using the [==[syntax. The goto statement and labels from lua 5.2 are unimplemented. The global environment doesn't exist in _ENV or _G. Lua Runtime Standard Library. pairs ipairs next all work on both lua tables and javascript objects/arrays arrays - functions - lua table in table . Wie man in Lua durch die Tabelle iteriert? (2) Um über alle Schlüssel / Wert-Paare in einer Tabelle zu iterieren, können Sie pairs: for k, v in pairs(arr) do print(k, v[1], v[2], v[3]) end Ausgänge: pears 2 p green apples 0 a red oranges 1 o orange Bearbeiten: Beachten Sie, dass Lua keine Iterationsreihenfolge für den assoziativen Teil der Tabelle.

All Languages >> Lua >> combine 2 arrays combine 2 arrays Code Answer . combine 2 arrays . javascript by Batman on Jul 03 2020 Donate . 0. Heyho, ich brauche euch Lua-Experten! Ich möchte eine Funktion über einen Indexwert aus einem Array aufrufen. Dazu habe ich erst mal ein paar Funktionen definiert: (Code, 11 lines) Dann habe ich ein Array definiert, dass diese Funktionen enthält: (Code Lua Change language: English Brazilian Portuguese Chinese (Simplified) French German Japanese Romanian Russian Spanish Turkish Other Submit a Pull Request Report a Bu

In this beginners video tutorial you will learn about 2 dimensional arrays in java programming language with example.You will learn what are two dimensional. 1 What is scope? 1.1 Out of scope and garbage collection 2 Local variables 2.1 File-local variables 2.2 Function-local variables 2.3 Block-local variables 3 Static Variables 4 Complex scope 5 Scope de-resolution 5.1 The getglobal() function 5.2 The _G Table 6 Conclusion WoW Lua Addons in World of Warcraft share a single execution environment. As a result, all Addons have access to the same. Du itterierst durch den Array pairs. Für jedes Element im Array wird der Schlüssel in k gespeichert und der Wert in v. Weitere Antworten zeigen Ähnliche Fragen. Was kann man mit der Programmiersprache Lua alles machen? Hallo, Was kann man mit der Programmiersprache Lua alles machen, und würde es sich lohnen die Sprache zu lernen um damit sogar später mal sogar Geld zu verdienen? lg.

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Arrays are variables with lists, arrays can be 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D. 1-D Arrays mean they only have 1 list, 2-D Arrays have more than 2 lists, 3-D Arrays are just cluster ♥♥♥♥♥, quite literally most people get stuck at this point because it's hard to think about. Anyways just think of a 3-D graph as for a 3-D Array. Heres how it's setup.. 10. Tutorial_45_LUA_2 Immobilien Achsen-Animation 11. Tutorial_46_LUA_3 Immobilien Achsen setzen, Immobilien positionieren 12. Tutorial_48_LUA Zug Rauch, Licht, Warnton, Zugnamen im Funktionsaufruf per KP 13. Tutorial_49_LUA Kranzug Achsen und Haken 14. Tutorial_50_LUA Zug-Route ermitteln und zuweisen 15. Tutorial_51_LUA Zugteil abkuppeln. Convert T(:,2:4) to an array. A = table2array(T(:,2:4)) A = 5×3 38 71 176 43 69 163 38 64 131 40 67 133 49 64 119 A does not include data from the variable Gender. Convert Table with Three-Dimensional Variables to Array. Open Live Script. Create a table, T, with two rows. All Languages >> Lua >> js merge 2 arrays js merge 2 arrays Code Answer . js join two arrays . javascript by just-saved-you-a-stackoverflow-visit on Oct 04 2020 Donate . 0. combine 2 arrays javascript . javascript by Anthony Smith on Oct 05.

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introduction · examples · concepts · libraries · luaj api · parser · building · downloads · release notes. 1 - Introduction Goals of Luaj Luaj is a lua interpreter based on the 5.2.x version of lua with the following goals in mind: Java-centric implementation of lua vm built to leverage standard Java features Frage zu Arrays in Lua. Druckbare Version. 50 Beiträge dieses Themas auf einer Seite anzeigen. Seite 2 von 2 Erste 1 2. Gehe zu Seite: 05. April 2008, 01:23. Tandanu . Sieht so aus, als hättest du es verstanden. Konstruktionen wie for i, v in pairs(t) do for i, v in pairs(v) do--code hier end end sind kein Problem. Der Gültigkeitsbereich von solchen Variablen ist grundsätzlich nur die. Die Zuordnungstabelle (auch Dictionary, Liste von Schlüssel-Wert-Paaren oder assoziatives Datenfeld) ist eine Datenstruktur, bei der anders als bei einem gewöhnlichen Feld auch nichtnumerische (oder nicht fortlaufende) Schlüssel, zumeist Zeichenketten, verwendet werden können, um die enthaltenen Elemente zu adressieren; diese sind in keiner festgelegten Reihenfolge abgespeichert Multidimensional arrays. Some languages such as C# have native support for multidimensional arrays; Lua does not. You can create a multidimensional array in Lua by creating an array of arrays (really a table of tables). Doing so means you have to declare every element of an array to be a new row in the matrix or another array. You can achieve. 2d arrays. I'm trying to make a 2d array which uses strings as indices. I've tried this but i get errors. what am I doing wrong? array = {a,b} array[a] = {} array[b]... Lua › Lua-l. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search. 2d arrays ‹ Previous Topic Next Topic › Classic List: Threaded ♦ ♦ 5 messages orangeted. Reply | Threaded. Open this post in threaded view.

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Transfer multidimensional lua array from lua_State to lua_State C++ - Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps - September 15, 2015 i have 2 scripts, each in different lua_state. i trying able variable 1 state , use in other. my code below works single variables , unidirectional arrays. guidance on making work multidimensional arrays? void getvalues(lua_state* l1, lua_state. There are a few points that are important to know when you start with Lua in Defold: In Lua, arrays start at 1 instead of 0. Array is a table with integer indices in order. The # operator for a table (the keys are explicit, for example, tbl or tbl2) returns a sequence from 1 to an interruption of the sequence. For an array (the indices are not explicitly specified as in array and array2), any. LUA-Tables. Lua-Tables stellen einen sehr flexiblen und nützlichen Datentyp dar. Im Prinzip besteht die gesamte Lua-Cartridge eines WIG aus ineinander verschachtelten Tables. Das soll uns aber zunächst nicht interessieren. Wir wollen zunächst mit einfachen Beispielen beginnen. Indizierte Variablen/Arrays

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All Languages >> Lua >> merge 2 arrays concat merge 2 arrays concat Code Answer . combine two arrays javascript . javascript by Arab Fire Shaman on Feb 02 2020 Donate . 0. Source: howchoo.com. merge array in js . javascript by JavascriptNinja on Apr 28 2020 Donate . 0. Some of the Lua extended standard libraries, such as Penlight and stdlib provide ready-made copy functions for convenience. Check if they suit your use-case before implementing your own. The following functions provide a base to work off of: Quick & Dirty function table.clone (org) return {table.unpack (org)} end local abc = {5,12,1} local def = table.clone (abc) table.sort (def) print (abc.

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Deleting a item from an array in LUA Engines and Middleware Programming. Started by HexDump September 22, 2004 05:46 PM. 1 comment, last by deakenfrost 16 years, 5 months ago Advertisement. HexDump Author. 233 September 22, 2004 05:46 PM. Hello, I´m having problems deleting an item from a Lua array (table). I have some bullets moving on the screen but as soon as I do Bullets. Lua Scripting Starter Guide Explained by @DarkSinisterPVP With Help From @Supersaiyan122 Note: I will be updating this post in several weeks from now. When I posted this tutorial, I did not expect that this many people would be learning from it. The update should add much more information, advice, fixes of mistakes I've made describing things, overall a huge general improvement! In the. FSUIPC requires lua program (script) names to be 16 characters or less, not counting the .lua extension. So for example, nd_ec135.lua is an 8 character name and is ok. However, nd_ec135_aircraft.lua is a 17 character name and will not be seen by FSUIPC; it will not show up in the FSUIPC drop down key or switch programming lists. This can be very frustrating if you are not aware of the name. All Languages >> Lua >> javascript joining 2 array javascript joining 2 array Code Answer . merge array in js . javascript by JavascriptNinja on Apr 28 2020 Donate . 0. js merge 2 lists . javascript by Outrageous Owl on Jul 13 2020 Donate . 0. Source: stackoverflow.com. Lua queries related to javascript joining 2 array add two array js; connect array; merge two arrays inseide.

Underscore.lua. Underscore.lua is a Lua library that provides a set of utility functions for dealing with iterators, arrays, tables, and functions. It's api and documentation are heavily inspired by Underscore.js. Installing. It can be installed with LuaRocks via Author Topic: [Lua] Check if array contains given value (Read 28428 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. aeTIos. Nonbinary computing specialist; LV12 Extreme Poster (Next: 5000) Posts: 3913; Rating: +184/-32 [Lua] Check if array contains given value « on: May 15, 2012, 06:21:53 am » Is there a function in lua for checking if an array contains given value? Else I'll create a. Warum beginnen Lua-Arrays (Tabellen) bei 1 statt bei 0? So kontrollieren Sie die Angst nach dem Spiel und zerstören Ihre inneren Kritiker (Dr. Brad Miller Psy.D.) Ich verstehe die Gründe für die Entscheidung dieses Teils von Lua nicht. Warum beginnt die Indizierung bei 1? Ich habe (wie viele andere auch) dieses großartige Papier gelesen. Es scheint mir eine seltsame Ecke einer Sprache zu.

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